To start using an Opensim based a virtual world it is possible to run a local copy of opensimulator in your own PC.

I have prepared a ready version of a virtual world with 4 islands.

-An island where find resources and materials. It is a modified version of an island downloaded from internet (author Linda Kellie)

-An empty island to build your stuff

-An  island hosting a recycling plastic plant  to be reused and modified

-a Chemistry related island.


to run the local copy follow the instruction of the video below:


-Download and install the firestorm viewer (opensim version)

-Download and unzip the file below.

-Enter in the "bin" folder and run Opensim.exe

-wait some minutes and resize the window.

-Run the firestorm viewer

-Set the grid to (training).

-Insert the name and the password of the avatar (see in the main folder of the zip file).

-log in

In the world you can find other instructions.


download a ready virtual world


See also the video above (in italian language)